Business archive storage in Scarborough

Who is this solution best for?

Business archive storage is best for storing both personal and business files, folders, records, and items, which are not needed for long periods of time. Overwhelmed with old docs? Instead of filling up your garage or office – make the destination Duggleby Storage.

How much does business archive storage in Scarborough cost?

Standard storage box
From 25p per box per week

Are there any additional costs when using our archive storage service?

There is one potential additional cost when using our archive storage service. If you need transport for your archive storage, to or from our storage facility – please contact us for a quote.

What are the benefits of container storage at Duggleby Storage?
Stored within our brand new, purpose-built indoor store
Space is clean, organised and regularly maintained
Fire and security alarms
Transport available
On- site parking
What is the notice period for renting archive storage?

When you rent archive storage with Duggleby Storage, the notice period is 4 weeks for removing your items from our storage facility.

What is the minimum payment period when renting archive storage?

The minimum payment period is 4 weeks when you rent archive storage at Duggleby Storage self-store.