Container storage in Scarborough

What is a storage container?

A self-storage container is a unit used for storing a large volume of (sometimes varied) items, and which protects them from the elements. It usually has one opening, which can be locked with a padlock to keep stored items secure, and is available in a number of sizes.

They are usually conveniently and easily accessible with no limit to the frequency of access within the storage site’s set access times – perfect for those needing regular access to their stored items.

Who is container storage best for?

Container storage is best for those who need easy, regular access to their stored items. It is ideal for a huge range of items from personal home contents to trade tools, stock and materials – store everything including the kitchen sink in one!

While container storage does protect items from the elements, if you wish to store something which is one of a kind – and may not fare the year’s changing temperatures and conditions, for example, a piece of antique furniture – it may be best in one of our indoor storage containers.

How much can I fit in a 20-foot container?

As a rough guide, we can usually fit a normal-sized three bedroomed house worth of home contents inside one of our 20-foot storage units. At present, we also have customers who also store their motorbikes and small cars within them too.

What are the benefits of our container storage?

Storage containers are brand new
Within fully secure facility with fingerprint access
Easy, drive-to-the-door access
Site is brand new, and regularly maintained
Forklift truck service available on site
Free padlock and lighting hire
Easy open handles
Can store everything, including motorbikes and small cars
Air and water tight
How much does a Scarborough storage container cost?
New 20’ (6m) self-store container
From £30 + VAT per week
Are there any additional costs when renting a container?

When you hire a storage container, there is one additional cost. Insurance is compulsory, and the fee is dependent on the value of the sum insured. We can arrange this for you, but you can also arrange it yourself externally if you wish. Cover notes must be shown before the allocation of your container.

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Single storage container
What is the notice period when hiring a container in Scarborough?

At Duggleby Storage Scarborough, your notice period is 1 week if you wish to cease renting your storage container.

What is the minimum payment period when renting a self-store container?

When you rent a self-store container with Duggleby Storage, the minimum payment period is 4 weeks.