Forklift service in Scarborough

When might you need this service?

When you use Duggleby Storage, any loading or unloading requirements you might have are easy. Items can be arranged to be delivered to our handling site to be loaded or unloaded, collection and delivery can also be arranged.

How much does this service cost?

Large lift (Up to 5t) Standard lift (Up to 2t)
From £30 per lift/load/unload
From £20 per lift/load/unload

What are the benefits of our forklift service at Duggleby Storage?

Brand new equipment within a brand new facility
A number of different sized forklifts available
Fleet of vans available for your transport needs
Any solution is available to you if you need it, with this service
We have many other moving tools available if you need them e.g. piano movers