Long term, indoor storage units in Scarborough

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor storage?

Our indoor storage containers are breathable, portable timber crates available in the same sizes as our outdoor storage units, however, they are stored within our brand-new purpose-built indoor store. There are two factors that differentiate our indoor and outdoor storage in Scarborough, the ease of access and the length of time you need to store your items.

Our outdoor container storage is for those needing regular access to their items. They are outdoors, and you can simply drive up to their door whenever you like within our access hours of Monday to Sunday 6am-9pm. Our indoor storage units are based within our indoor store, and access is limited to around once per month.

Our indoor storage units are made so that they keep items stored in an optimum condition so they are preserved for a long period of time. Outdoor container units keep items in great condition, however, they are more susceptible to fluctuating temperatures and humidity which can damage certain items over a long time period.

Who is indoor storage best for?

Those wanting to store items for a long time, or those wanting to store high-value items like one-of-a-kind antiques – but do not need regular access to them. They are the best storage solution for keeping your stuff nice for long periods of time!

What are the benefits of our indoor storage units?

Stored within our brand new, purpose-built indoor store
Space is clean, organised and regularly maintained
Fire and security alarms
On- site parking
Portable, so can be brought to your door for filling or unfilling
Breathable, timber crates keep items stored in optimum condition
Forklift truck service available on site
Capable of storing goods for 50+ years
How much does long term storage in Scarborough cost?
250 cubic foot container 150 cubic foot container
Contact us now for a quote
Contact us now for a quote
Are there any additional costs when renting long term, indoor storage?

Like hiring an outdoor storage container, when you hire indoor storage, insurance is compulsory, and the fee is dependent on the value of the sum insured. You can either arrange this yourself, or we can do so for you. Cover notes must be shown before the allocation of your unit.

What is your notice period when hiring indoor storage in Scarborough?

Your notice period is 1 week if you wish to cease renting your indoor storage unit, at Duggleby Storage Scarborough.

What is the minimum payment period when renting long term storage?

When renting indoor storage with us, your minimum payment period is 4 weeks.

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